Jargon Buster

We understand some items in our DJ Packages may sound confusing. Thats why we've created this jargon buster to simply your understanding of equipment terminology used within our industry.

Bass Speaker
Commonly known as a Subwoofer in the consumer market, A bass speaker is designed to reproduce low frequency sounds. At parties and private events, the use of bass speakers greatly improves the audio quality, you and your guests will experience. Its worth noting venues in residential areas, marquees, and sound limited venues will require lower bass volumes due to the low frequency sound being able to travel further, thus potentially disturbing nearby residents.

CDJ Decks
A CD digital music player, these are specialised for DJ’s to manipulate tracks played. Typically two cdj’s are required for a dj to continuously mix songs. CDJ’s plug into a mixer.

Digital Sound System
Modern PA sound systems digitally process the sound it outputs. This is for better audio clarity and can be manipulated to better suit a room type in which the sound is being played in.

Full Range speaker
A full-range speaker is a driver (speaker cone) which reproduces as much of the audible frequency range as possible. It is designed to reproduce high, mid and low frequencies all from one speaker. If used alone, these are suitable for smaller venues under 150 guests, or events which require just background music or live talks via mics.

Haze Machine
Haze machines, (commonly referred to as hazers), are effects machines similar to fog machines, designed to produce an unobtrusive, homogeneous clouds suspended in the air intended primarily to make light beams visible or create a subtle diffusion. They use a water based fluid which is more friendly to venues with sensitive smoke alarms, unlike fog machines which use an oil based fluid that gives a thicker cloud.

Hybrid Moving Head Lights
These moving head light fixtures feature three lighting effects from within one unit; Wash, beam and spot. Older moving heads had just one of these options available. This allows the fixtures to be used for different purposes depending on what scene is required, or can be mixed between scenes, so some used as wash lights, others as a beam, for example. Theses lights use a potent Osram discharge lamp giving incredible light effects with a range of 100 metres.

LED Uplighters
These LED wash fixtures are used to uplight a rooms walls, trussing, or a specific object. They use red, green & blue led’s allowing full colour mixing. The benefit of using LED lighting is that they draw a low power and have a long lifespan.

LED Video Wall
LED video walls are comprised of video panels that link & work together as a unit to display content as if it were a single screen. LED screens are incredibly efficient because each component is responsible for conducting and emitting its own light. LED Video walls are daisy chained, meaning the power and data signal are sent from one panel to the next. Data is sent to the video wall via a video processor. The video processor receives the video signal from a HDMI source. Amongst a range of specifications, it is important to note the pixel pitch of an LED screen. Since pixel pitch indicates the amount of space between two pixels, a smaller pixel pitch means there is less empty space between pixels. This equates to higher pixel density and improved screen resolution. We recommend A 3.9mm pixel pitch (P3) or lower, as this will give a high definition display for indoor events.

Lighting Desk
Otherwise known as a lighting control board, a lighting desk is the a key part of any lighting set up and it is using the lighting desk that an operator is able to control the equipment. This allows them to control our complex intelligent lighting systems.

This is a mixing console for DJ’s to control audio signals being received from audio sources such as CDJ’s and aux. A DJ mixer also takes audio input from a microphone. It is from a mixer that the sound is then output to the speakers via amplification.

Starlit LED Backdrop
LED backdrops are a focus for any event placed behind the DJ, to illuminate a venue or hide an unsightly background. The led lights are built into the curtain providing a twinkle effect with no wires trailing on the floor.

Truss Plinths
These strong and sturdy aluminium plinths are used to hold moving head light fixtures. Their metal design allows them to be uplight in a range of colours, or can be fully covered in black or white as required.

Wireless Microphones
Similar to wired microphones, however they are not chorded, instead they transmit audio over a radio frequency from a transmitter built into the microphone, to a receiver which is inputs the audio into a mixer. We use Shure branded microphones for their reliability and crystal clear audio quality.

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